A Physician's Blend® HGH HGH Extreme
A Physician's Blend® HGH contains a specially formulated Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone (master hormone) that consists of more than one potency of HGH (sometimes called Homecords).  This seems to create an efficiency that helps A Physician's Blend® HGH reach its receptor sites much more effectively and therefore makes it more viable.  A Physician's Blend® HGH also includes additional herbs and minerals to support the body in other specific ways as well.

Physician's Blend oral HGH formulas were the first Homeopathic HGH products on the Internet.  Most other companies over the years have simply tried to duplicate our product.  Our original formulas were age and gender specific from day one and have yet to be copied successfully.  Thousands of satisfied customers from around the world have grown to trust the effectiveness of Physician's Blend HGH formulas.

The relationship of the potencies used as related to age and gender seems to be more efficient based on the requirements of people in these groups.  Also, A Physician's Blend® HGH contains the actual HGH hormone Somatotrophin.  We have included various other ingredients to support your body's different functions.  You can find a full listing of ingredients on our Ingredients page.

A Physician's Blend® HGH formulas come in a standard 1 oz. homeopathic bottle with a spray cap for those with more active lifestyles.  We suggest that you apply 3 sprays under the tongue 3 times a day for 6 days; wait 1 day and repeat.

You should start to notice the benefits within the first 7 to 45 days of taking A Physician's Blend® HGH.  With some people it may take longer based on the amount of toxins in their body (i.e. caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, etc.).  In general, the first things people notice are:  More energy, better sleep patterns, improved eyesight, improved mental clarity, improved skin tone and improved muscle tone (generally noted in the second or third month of use).

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